Terms of Adding Advertisements

General Charter

AUTO-SALE.LT further The site is a portal specializing in the sale of cars in Lithuania. Placing a free ad is available to all registered Users who agree to the rules of this portal.

The Rules are mandatory for all Users. By registering on the portal, the User agrees with the rules and undertakes to comply with them. Persons who do not agree with at least one of the terms of the rules do not have the right to become Users of the portal.

The Site reserves the right to change or supplement the rules without prior notice to Users.

The Site in its activity is governed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


When posting advertisements on the website portal, the User undertakes to comply with the following requirements:

  • Ads must be unique, it is necessary post only one ad with one content. Registered Users can edit, archive, delete their advertisements.
  • Ads must be placed in the appropriate thematic sections.
  • Placing false information in advertisements is prohibited. Photos of offers must correspond to reality.
  • By posting an advertisement, the User confirms his right to use photographs and not violate the rights of third parties.
  • Posting unethical, unreliable and contrary to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania information is prohibited.< /li>


The site is not responsible for the accuracy of the content of advertisements posted by Users.

The site is not responsible for damage associated with the use of information on the portal .

The site is not responsible for unexpected technical problems on the site.

The site administration has the right to remove an ad without warning or restrict access to the portal services in case of violation of the rules.

h2>Use of data

The user confirms that he provides his data to the site voluntarily and agrees to their processing in electronic form. The user also agrees that his data may be available to third parties for review and copying.